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Independent Dancer

«Kalabrese is a curious tastemaker and bold musical force that dares to tread the murky waters between indie and electronica, playfully emphasising vocals on song based productions and presenting an album that pushes the limits and portrays dance music in a peculiar and natural way. Inspired by blues, funk, and all those beautiful dancers and tragic heroes of the night, ,Independent Dancer’ is laced with curiosity and fever inducing productions.»

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Kalabrese – «Independent Dancer»
RUMP 002-2. Rumpelmusig/Compost Records
Format: 2-LP incl. CD (Cardboard CD) / CD / Download

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«Ein wunderbares zweites Album» – Züritipp

«Merce di pregio per i palati sofisticati … in cerca di nuove sensazioni.» – Soundwall.it

Tour 2013/14

Kalabrese «Independent Dancer» Release concert
20:00h, Kaufleuten, Zürich



August 9, 2012

Kalabrese «Sihltal» (Rumpelmusig 001)
Written by Kalabrese, © 2012 Rumpelmusik (SUISA)


Digital (Buy now on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Juno):
«Sihltal» (Original Version)
«Sihltal» (Radio Edit)

Vinyl 10" (Buy at Jamarico and Zero Zero, Zurich):
A1 Kalabrese «Sihltal» (Original Version)
B1 SKOR feat. EKR & Tinguely dä Chnächt «Willkomme in Züri»

«One of the most original electronic producers, DJs and club owners from his native Switzerland, Kalabrese first gained wide attention with releases on Perlon (Chicken Fried Rice), Phictiv (118) and his first album ,Rumpelzirkus’ in 2007 on Stattmusik/Kompakt. After extensive touring and countless DJ gigs, he's completed another album and offers this single as a first glimpse. ,Sihltal’ with its disco beat and Swiss German lyrics is a very personal yet extremely catchy and danceable tribute to his hometown of Zurich and to taking a bike ride together.»



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